about us
Connecting your passion with your career

little fish careers helps you connect with your passion.

we are not a recruitment agency and don’t intend to put you in a box just because you have certain educational or professional experiences.

we work collaboratively with you to identify your strengths and your options. we look to empower the little fish of the world.

Alexandra Unger, director of little fish careers, has spent 6 years working as a Human Resources Professional within the professional services sector and has completed two Masters’ Degrees (Human Resource Management – Monash University) and (International Business – International University Monaco). she understands what it’s like to break into the job market, jump into a new position or change careers.

Alexandra’s passion is to use her skills and experience to help others like herself (the little fish). if you want help breaking the mould and connecting with your passion, then make contact today and let us begin planning your future career together!